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The diffuser fragrance line is expanding to help the Aire-Master system offer a wider variety of fragrances. Currently, there are 19 diffuser fragrances available, and franchises have asked for more. Eric Reese has developed a way to offer a large number of fragrances without keeping a large inventory.

The secret is to develop a number of new fragrances that can be mixed together to create new fragrance combinations. Thus, you can either use a formulated fragrance or follow a recipe to enlarge your fragrance menu and save money.

We are introducing 10 new stand-alone diffuser fragrances, each of which can be used individually or mixed with others.

You will be able to take the 10 new stand-alone diffuser fragrances and create another 10 fragrance creations by following Chef Stinkie’s recipes. This will bring the total number of available diffuser fragrances to 39 that we can offer to customers. (Some older fragrances may be replaced in future with newer fragrances.)

A measurement table is included in the recipes and an online calculator(login required) will help make your mixing conversions easier. In addition, we are offering a Diffuser Base ($67.91 gallon) that you can add to the recipe to reduce your fragrance amount and lower your finished fragrance cost by up to 40%.

We recommend a maximum base mixture of 50%, which will keep the finished fragrance VOC compliant. However, the more base you mix into the recipe (up to 50%), the less fragrance oil will be present.

Fragrance Recipes from Chef Stinkie

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