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Match a scent to the mood and atmosphere you want to evoke.

What the nose knows

Float away with these calming fragrances — relaxing, soothing aromas to center your mind and body.

Evoke Pleasant Feelings

Scent Marketing in Sioux Falls

Uplifting / Invigorating / Stimulating

Reawaken your inner child with these fruity and fun fragrances — relive the whimsy and delight of childhood with the smells of mouth-watering nostalgia.

There is a tight connection between smell, emotion, and memory. The nose is a gateway to the emotional center of the brain.


Fragrance Themes

Fun / Fruity / Kids

Aire-Master can create a custom blended fragrance for a specific use, a distinct space, or a particular buying situation.

How would you describe the feeling your business expresses to your customers? What words would you use? Inviting? Uplifting? Relaxing? Fun? Nostalgic? Aire-Master can help you enhance that image through scent marketing.

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Enhance your image with fragrance.

The human brain can process roughly...



  • Light, pleasant background aroma
  • Not overpowering
  • Unsurpassed fragrance quality
  • Delivered with service

Aire-Master’s fragrance diversity lets you match the theme, decor, or atmosphere of your establishment with just the right scent.

Exotic / Tropical / Luxurious

These inviting fragrances invoke the warmth of a cozy cabin tucked into winter woods — bring the outdoors indoors with these robust and earthy fragrances!

Scent marketing makes a powerful impression. Scent can enhance a customer’s relationship with a brand by creating positive associations and increasing focus. Having a positive, recognizable signature scent as people enter your facility can help solidify your brand in the mind of the customer.

Inviting / Warm / Sensual

​Small. Medium. Large. Extra Large. From single rooms to vast indoor environments, Aire-Master has a dispensing system that can fill your space with fragrance.

Create Desire

Drool over these mouthwatering, welcoming fragrances — Grandma’s kitchen is always a festive place of nourishing warmth and homemade goodness.

Increase Recall

Scent Marketing


Energize yourself with these uplifting fragrances — wake up the mind and stimulate the senses.

Sioux Falls Scent Marketing

Wake up refreshed with these clean, fresh fragrances — take a deep breath of crisp, golden, sunlit morning air.

Welcoming / Baked Goods

Set sail with these exotic fragrances — experience a luxurious tropical getaway with one breath.

After a year, people can remember smells with…



Aire-Master creates new seasonal fragrances every year, to give you something special and different for a limited time.

Fresh / Clean / Crisp

Calming / Relaxing / Soothing


We have a system to fit all your scent marketing spaces

Reminisce with these romantic fragrances — the soft, sweet scent of springtime can lead to a stolen kiss under a starry night.

Increase Learning

Romantic / Floral / Nostalgic